What Baby Boomers Always Do at Christmastime

Recently I read an article about 13 things all Baby Boomers do without fail at Christmastime. Some of the things that were mentioned really spoke to me, while others did not. So I decided to make my own little list, based on what I have noticed among the Boomers around me. I invite you to make your own list as well. What are your favourite Boomer traditions associated with Christmas? Would love to hear from you!

1. Decorate the house — inside and outside — with festive garland, a Christmas tree with Hallmark or other unique ornaments —- but NEVER before Remembrance Day.
2. Set up the Advent calendar with doors to be opened each day up until Christmas Eve.
3. Ask the kids or grandkids to set up Bluetooth speakers or Alexa to play their favourite Christmas carols.
4. Send out newsy Christmas letters recounting the events of the previous year, including updates and lots of photos about the children and grandchildren, describing all the holidays they have taken and the countries they have visited. Describe the walking trips that are planned for the coming year.
5. Stock up on Christmas wrapping paper from the dollar store or Costco.
6. Bake and share in a Christmas cookie exchange.
7. Attend (or participate in) no fewer than three Christmas concerts, wearing your favourite ‘80s Christmas sweater!
8. Watch “A Christmas Carol” with Scottish character actor Alastair Sim as Scrooge.
9. Remember those who are no longer with them at Christmas by visiting the cemetery to place the Christmas wreath at their grandparents’ and parents’ graves.
10. Watch the Queen’s Christmas Message — this year King Charles III’s Message.
11. Buy colourful Christmas crackers for the dinner table and add tiny Christmas gifts to each person’s place.
12. Enjoy a sherry trifle made by a temperance grandmother — rum soaked fruitcake with marzipan too!
13. Hide Christmas Terry chocolate oranges in the house and give the children clues to find them.
14. Go to a Christmas Eve service and sing all the favourite carols. Then come home and hang the stockings by the fire.
15. Place the Christmas crèche — nativity scene— on the mantel to remind all of the real reason for the season!

I will be taking a break from my blogging for a few weeks, but hope to be back again later in January. Until then, a very Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in the New Year!

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