Happy Birthday, Lachlan!

This months’s blogs are all about special birthdays. Two years and almost ten days after Alexandra arrived, Lachlan made his debut into the world on January 31st, 1990! Another cold snowy day, Lachlan arrived quickly and without fuss just about the time I was to lead a New Members class at the Thames Road-Elimville Church. His maternal grandparents were thrilled, as he was born on their 42nd anniversary. On the other hand, Lachlan’s big sister thought the most exciting part of his birth was running up and down the halls at St. Marys Hospital in St. Marys, Ontario, and purchasing kinder eggs at the gift shop. A couple of months later she asked me when we could take Lachlan back to the hospital!!!

Lachlan was the easiest and best baby, sleeping through the night almost from Day One. He walked and ran and climbed long before he reached his first birthday and later proved himself to be an excellent athlete like his Dad. Today he is the Head of the Phys Ed Department and Director of Sports and Recreation at a large American school in Kuwait and recently married his beautiful bride Nesrine. What’s more: he is a very thoughtful, caring and loving son!  Lachlan, we are so proud of you and wish you the happiest of birthdays! 

Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

Thirty-five years ago today this Boomer gave birth to a beautiful, 10 pound baby girl in the middle of a snowstorm! Richard took me to the hospital for 7 am January 21st and Alexandra arrived after 7  the next morning! He actually read the whole of Tolstoy’s War and Peace throughout my labour. I, on the other hand, experienced 24 hours of war followed by blessed peace when Alexandra finally made her debut into the world. So freezing cold and snowy was it that morning that Richard could not get his car started and so had to walk home in the frigid conditions. But it was all worth it! Alexandra has brought us tremendous joy and we are so proud of her! Happy Birthday, Alexandra!