One Week Later — Canadian Boomerfest 2018: We Rocked!

After months of planning and many discussions over numerous meetings, we did it! Thanks to the wonderful support of our sponsors, and the countless volunteer hours of so many people, as well as the many who came and joined in on the fun and learning, we are happy to report that Canadian Boomerfest was a huge success. Wonderfully inspiring presenters gave us multiple lenses into this rich but complex field of Boomers and Spirituality. The meals and snacks were fabulous, the exercise breaks and Boomer trivia quizzes were lots of fun, the book room introduced us to some fascinating new studies, and the workshops were engaging. We exercised our minds and our bodies, and still found time to enjoy a glass of wine and dance to the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by Tom Cat Prowl.

A man who has organized numerous conferences and is a specialist in aging and spirituality was just one of among many who wrote to congratulate us on the event: “I want you to know that this was the single best conference I have experienced hosted at a church, from so many standpoints. You brought in some amazing speakers, it ran so efficiently, it was an incredible amount of fun, folks who did not already know each other got to make connections which will benefit them, and it changed a lot of people’s understanding of the potential for Boomer ministry, plus inspired and excited them.”

The biggest affirmation was from the many who came up to us at the end of the two-and-a-half-day conference and asked eagerly, “When are you doing it again?!”

Special thanks to everyone who made this such a meaningful and enjoyable event!

Sheila Macgregor, Convener                          Kerry Stover, Co-Convener


Kaye Appleby                                                  Catherine Glover

Mike Ashton                                                    David Knoppert

Linda Badke                                                     Diane Knoppert

Steven Britton                                                 Camillia LaRouche

Stu Cunningham                                             Richard Macgregor

David Dillon                                                     Lynn McClary

Mary Dillon                                                     Margaret Smith

Judi Emery                                                      Ric Graham

Heather Vosper




Only two more days until the start of Canadian Boomerfest!

We are getting so excited about the launch of Canadian Boomerfest, happening right here in London, Ontario, starting this coming Wednesday evening! We are now at full capacity, but hope that those of you who have not been able to make it can still follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Will have more to share next week. For now, here are a few very short essays or commentaries on Boomers and Spirituality, as well as a list of books that will help you learn more on this important subject.

Boomers have much to share with the younger generations and, by being generous with them, they can actually prolong their lives and find better health and greater happiness!

This coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Thankful hearts are generous hearts; but maybe they are also healthier hearts. Philippe Tobler, associate professor of neuro-economics and social neuroscience at the University of Zurich, says that generosity makes us healthier.

According to Tobler, studies have shown that older people who are generous tend to feel better and enjoy better health. Other research indicates that spending money on others may actually lower blood pressure and be just as effective as medication or exercise. In an article by Time journalist Amanda Macmillan, Tobler is quoted as saying that “there is a positive association between helping others and life expectancy.” If you practise the art of generosity, there is less likelihood you will suffer from a lot of stress.

For Boomers and older adults, who have much wisdom and experience to share, this is good news. What will you share this coming Thanksgiving? More importantly, how can you build a spirit of generosity into your everyday living and make generosity part of your normal spiritual practice in the future? After all, it may just save your life!