I’ve Got It! I Have Christmas Tree Syndrome!

This Christmas most of my Boomer friends have been more excited about what they did NOT get than what they did. Never mind a bunch of shiny new gadgets or sparkly new sweaters  – they are just glad they did not get COVID!

Thankfully, I did not get COVID either; but I did come down with something else this year: Christmas Tree Syndrome! I didn’t even know that such a thing existed until Richard and I spent a lovely evening with friends Christmas night. Admiring the beautiful balsam tree in their festively decorated home, and taking in the delicious spicy fragrance of balsam, my nose immediately began to snuff up and of course I feared the worst: COVID! But as we drove home from that delightful evening (and it was indeed fun!), my sinuses began to clear and I could breathe easily again. So I immediately grabbed my cell phone and consulted that great source of all wisdom, the great god Google, and guess what I learned?  I learned that I have an allergy to Christmas trees! I just didn’t realise this because, of course, we have had an artificial tree in our home for over 20 years. (Apparently most Boomers buy artificial trees – something else I had not known.) But I will not be smug. Apparently one can get an allergy from artificial Christmas trees too, especially if you store them in a damp basement all year long. Check out this link to learn more and check out this one too. Apparently more than 7% of Canadians suffer from an allergic reaction to coniferous trees.

I am still happy I spent that lovely evening with our friends Christmas night, even if I got the snuffles. And my heart goes out to all those who are suffering from far worse maladies during this holiday season, especially COVID. I pray that they will soon find healing and that you, dear reader, will stay well and safe too. May God bless you during this holy season and grant you hope, peace, health, love and joy in the coming New Year!

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