Are You Anxious or Worried? Then Please Join our Study of Max Lucado’s book, “Anxious for Nothing”, at Siloam United Church, Friday, September 17th, 10 a.m. — 11:45 a.m.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the daily lives of most Canadians, including Baby Boomers and Older Adults. The increase in social isolation, job and income loss, and difficulties meeting financial obligations, only exacerbate the problems faced by many in our land, particularly those groups that are marginalized. An increase in depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome), and anxiety mean that the mental health of too many Canadians has been seriously compromised. Threats of a possible fourth wave of the pandemic do little to assuage these fears.

Even before the pandemic hit, many Canadians suffered from stress and anxiety. While we cannot always control the events that happen to us and those around us, we can learn how to “reframe” our fears and anxieties and begin to live the life that God wants to give us.

If you would like to explore this topic further, please join us for our Fall Study Group at Siloam. No previous knowledge of the Bible is required. Just a willingness to prayerfully discern what the scriptures have to say to us in our contemporary context. Masks are optional for those who have been doubly vaccinated and every attempt will be made to provide socially distanced seating for those who are not in the same bubble, unless further restrictions are posted by the Middlesex Health Unit.

Only a few spaces remain, so please register early if you wish to attend. We begin our study on Friday, September 17th, 10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., Siloam United Church, 1240 Fanshawe Park Road East. To register please write to You may purchase Max Lucado’s book at Creation Bookstore at 900 Oxford Street East in London. If possible, please read the first section, chapters 1 to 4, chapter before our first session on September 17th.

For more information on Lucado’s book and our study, please watch the video below:

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