OUR LONG AND WINDING ROAD: Seeking Our Path in the Longevity Revolution with Rabbi Richard Address, D. Min., Saturday, April 4th, London ON

Two comments people made after our very successful Canadian Boomerfest in October 2018 was: When you are you doing it again?! And when is Rabbi Richard Address coming back?!!!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that Rabbi Address has agreed to spend a full day with us on Saturday, April 4th! Please check out this short video and be sure to register as soon as possible for this wonderful day as we explore “Our Long and Winding Road: Seeking Our Path in the Longevity Revolution.”

Together with our friends from Temple Israel in London we will build a path of meaning and joy for ourselves and those we care about! Hope to see you at Siloam on Saturday, April 4th!

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