A new, safe community for people suffering from Dementia

This past year has been a challenging one for my husband’s family, especially Richard’s  mother. His Dad, who was in hospital in St. Andrews, Scotland, for nearly six months, has now moved into a nursing home. Richard’s mother and siblings visit him several times a week. Unfortunately Richard cannot get back to Scotland that often, but keeps in regular touch with his mother. This coming Sunday will be their 64th wedding anniversary, but it is doubtful that Grandad will remember, such is his cognitive impairment. Still, I am sure they will share a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.

As anyone who lives with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s will tell you, this can be one of the toughest illnesses, both for the person suffering and for their family and close friends. This is why I was intrigued by an article my daughter Alexandra sent me while she was attending a wedding out in B.C. last week. British Columbia has just established the first ever Dementia Village so that those who are afflicted by severe memory loss can live in a normal environment with complete safety.

Check it out here! Would love to hear what you think!



2 thoughts on “A new, safe community for people suffering from Dementia

  1. Hi Sheila, Sorry to know that Richards father is suffering with dementia. Very trying for family, close by and far away. When my father suffered with dementia for over 5 years the grief for myself and family was deep. A village like the one described would be wonderful, however the cost of the one described would be very difficult for most. Some nursing homes do an amazing job with families and those with dementia. Sadly they are under funded. We received great support at Lanark Place in Kitchener, care during and after my dads death was remarkable. More than a place, individuals who reached out to myself and my mom were remarkable. We were thankful to have a wonderful caring church family as well. My thoughts are with yourself and Richard as he cares for his dad from afar. Deep and changing grief accompanies the journey. Kathy


    1. So sorry, Kathy! Believe it or not, I am just seeing this now! there was a mix-up with my messages and I was not getting them. probably best to write to me at smacgregor@siloamunitedchurch.org or sheilagmacgregor@gmail.com
      Richard’s Dad — I think you may know this — passed away last Friday. A blessing really although still hard for Richard who had not seen him since the late Fall of 2019, just before he took the tumble that sound him up in hospital and then the nursing home where he died last Friday.
      Thank you for your good feedback on my post….sorry again to take so long to follow up. Alexandra is just helping me today to catch up with the digital and technical problems that have held me back. Turns out I was working from an old site…I hope it is corrected now.
      I pray that Oliver is continuing to do better every day and that you and Mark and the rest of the family are well too. How are you enjoying retirement? When Covid is behind us, I would love to get together again! –Blessings, Sheila


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