Canadian Boomerfest Explores Healthy Living Arrangements

Thanks to my friend Maria for sharing this wonderful video about alternative housing for Boomers and older adults, which recounts how three single Boomer women in London, ON have chosen to buy a house together, not only to share expenses, but also for companionship. This is something that more and more Boomers are trying, sometimes to reduce their carbon footprint, sometimes to reduce living expenses, and always in order to maintain healthy relationships.

In his study about men and aging, Harvard psychiatrist and aging specialist George Vaillant discovered that the number one factor in healthy aging is “relationships, relationships, relationships”. As one of the women in the above video says, when you live alone you can sometimes go for hours without ever talking to another human being. That’s not healthy. Studies show that even very introverted people are healthier when they are in relationship with others.

This October former Moderator of the United Church of Canada Mardi Tindal will be talking about her experience of shared living arrangements at Canadian Boomerfest 2018. Mardi and her husband have recently bought a house together with other couples who recognise the value of living together and sharing housing with one another. Mardi says that, as they age, this is a way for her and her partner to continue to live independently through interdependence. Come and hear about Mardi’s experiences at Canadian Boomerfest 2018, October 17th to 19th, Siloam United Church, and learn how you too can maintain a healthy independence as you age through living life interdependently.



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