“Church Next” Launches New Course: “Is My Loved One Addicted?”

Today CHURCH NEXT launched  a new course that will be of interest to many of us. Is My Loved One Addicted? with Jonathan Benz For Individuals and For Groups. Given the increase in drug, alcohol and gambling addictions among older adults, including Boomers, this course is very timely.

According to the description, this course is designed to help family members and churches combat North “America’s most neglected disease.”

At our Grand-parenting workshop earlier this month, several members talked about the addictive behaviours of their adult children and the impact these have had on their family life. A few even talked about their own addictions to “perfectionism” and “workaholism” and how they overcame these addictions.

“In this course, Jonathan Benz, a certified substance abuse counselor, author, and speaker discusses ways to recognize the signs of addiction — and what to do once you realize that a loved on is struggling with addiction. Check it out. Here’s a video preview.”

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