The Joys and Challenges of Grand-Parenting Today!

Below is a list of the Joys and Challenges of Grand-parenting that our group came up with at our first Grand-parenting workshop, led by Family Educator Susan McKane on April 29th. Do any of these resonate with you? Which ones and why? Are there topics/issues that you would add to either list? Would love to hear from you — and would love to see you at our second workshop on Saturday, May 13th, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Siloam United Church, London, ON! RSVP: or 519-455-9201.

Joys of Grand-parenting


Grandchild saying my name

re-experiencing the ordinary; seeing things through a young grandchild’s eyes

new learning


but still a parent

benefit of experience-wisdom

relationship with – a partner

– a child

Listening to instincts


different role

family stories

seeing your child in a new role


seeing yourself in another

extended family


Challenges of Grand-Parenting

favouritism (towards one grandchild)

overly protective parents

blended families

Sandwiched between caring for elderly parents, adult children and young grandchildren!

sandwiched between needs of parents, children and grandchildren

what are the boundaries of the role?

different ideologies/values from the parents

our own energy and health

giving constructive criticism

parent shares too much information -what do I do?

challenges of doing it right

where do I fit – the world of the future

long distance relationships

being fair

anxiety about the future for our grandchildren

Grandparents’ time and finances – how far can/should they stretch?

negotiating with “in-laws” re time/holidays etc

safety of grandchildren – personal/technology





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