It’s so important to exercise and look after your health!

Today I visited an older woman who suffers from a serious pulmonary/respiratory disease. She has lived far longer than her doctors ever expected her to do. They believe that the reason for her added years has to do with the fact that she had undertaken a regular exercise regimen in her fifties and sixties. Her comments are a reminder to me that I need to get out and there and be active!

This is something that my kids tell me all the time too. Not sure where son Lachlan got the “keep fit” gene — certainly not from me! He is a full time Physical Education teacher and basketball coach and is passionate about what he does. He loves helping kids to learn how to stay fit and healthy and has worked with adults too to support them in their quest for optimum health.

And daughter Alexandra is actually the Chair of the Healing and Wellness program at her place of work in Mississauga, Ontario: Peel Children’s Centre. Check out this article for which she was recently interviewed. And while you read this, I will go and grab my running shoes!


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