Two “Must Attend” Seminars Coming Up in Vancouver!

If you live in the Vancouver area, or are planning a visit there, here are a couple of excellent seminars you will want to be sure and attend!

This coming Saturday, April 1st, 2017:

PEACE OF MIND, MENTAL WELLNESS AND THE CHURCH: Carey Institute, Vancouver. This seminar is about how the church can better address the implications of psychological factors often accentuated in later life (e.g. anger, depression, anxiety). It also aims to help us better understand the complexities of living for those dealing with dementia and those providing care. Led by Rev. Dr. Paul Pearce, Director of the Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (CHAT) Carey Institute, Dr. Sandra Yuk Shuen Wong, Registered Psychologist, and Rev. Doug Johnston, who for over 21 years worked in a nursing capacity at the veterans Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver, where he ministered to many living with dementia.

This Summer:

AGING MATTERS: July 17-21, 2017, Regent College, Vancouver. Led by Rev. Dr. Paul Stevens, author of the wonderful new book by the same name, and Rev. Dr. Paul Pearce, Director of the Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (CHAT) Carey Institute. Accommodation available through Carey Centre, Vancouver. Here is a description of the course, which I quote from the Regent College website:

“Every ten seconds someone in North America becomes a senior. This demographic reality has inspired both fear andhope. In this course we will explore the challenges and opportunities of becoming an older adult (55+/), including critical issues such as diminished energy, the search for significance, continuing to work after work, calling and service in the world and church. This course is designed to help those needing to address the issues of aging — whether older adults themselves or people working with an aging population (e.g., pastors, counsellors, social workers)—from a Christian perspective. In light of the realities of aging, the course will address the issues of vocation, meaning and security, and spirituality. There will be lectures, case studies, interviews and guests.”

To learn more about this course, please see:


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